Need A Criminal Tax Attorney? Let A Former IRS Tax Attorney Fight For You

Need A Criminal Tax Attorney? Let A Former IRS Tax Attorney Fight For You

Need A Criminal Tax Attorney?

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1:13 – Two Categories of Tax Crimes
1:57 – Legal Source Crimes
2:05 – Illegal Source Crimes
2:22 – IRS Statistics

I’m Deborah Gregory. For over 12 years, I was a senior attorney for the IRS. For most taxpayers, dealing with the IRS is a purely financial matter. Typically the IRS claims that a taxpayer owes more than they paid, a resolution is reached and the matter is over. However, many taxpayer do not realize that the IRS has a criminal investigations unit that investigates matters that could have criminal consequenses under the Internal Revenue Code.

The IRS investigates two categories of tax crimes – Legal Source Crimes and Illegal Source Crimes.

Legal source crimes make up the vast majority of criminal cases investigated by the IRS. Illegal source crimes involve illegal activities that contain a tax component. Some of the more common types of legal source tax crimes investigated by the IRS include general tax fraud, refund fraud, identity theft, false returns filed by return preparers, abusive tax schemes, non-filers and employment tax fraud.

Illegal tax crimes investigated by the IRS include financial institution fraud, public corruption, corporate fraud, illegal gaing activities, insurance & healthcare fraud and bankruptcy fraud.

In recent years the IRS has increased its criminal investigations activity. Proving this point, in 2013, there was a 12.5% increase in criminal investigations compared to 2012 and a nearly 18% increase in prosecution recomendations. Additionally, convictions rose more than 25% from 2012 to 2013.

In 2013 the conviction rate for tax crimes was a stagering 93%. All that this means is that the IRS is very good at their job. If you find yourself under criminal investigation by the IRS it is imperative that you hire a criminal tax attorney as soon as possible.

Because of the complicated nature of these cases many taxpayers may unknowingly hurt their own case if they attemp to deal with the IRS by themselves. My firm handles these types of cases.

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Don’t fight the IRS. Let a former IRS attorney fight for you.

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